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Lifecycle, Browser-Based Solution Supports ATA iSpec 2200 Technical Documentation

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The industry's most comprehensive set of tools, the Inmedius® ATA Publishing Suite™ is a browser-based solution to successfully manage the lifecycle of ATA iSpec2200 technical documentation for commercial aircraft. The software set supports and integrates the key functions of managing, authoring, viewing, and publishing ATA data, while providing precise control over documentation delivery, including support for PDF files and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM).


Comprehensive ATA Project Setup & Management Support

A true management system, the software's extensive features provide a framework for controlling the development of technical data utilizing ATA publishing concepts. Easy-to-use, the robust software integrates authoring through publishing. With its strong, process-driven business approach, Manager extends the functionality of its document repository to provide ATA project setup and workflow capabilities. In an integrated environment, Manager facilitates AMTOSS numbering, bursting of content, PDF print output, and customization of the entire process in a web-based repository.

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Key Features

  • Hierarchical Structured Repository
  • File Naming Management
  • Project Configuration & Setup
  • New Document Creation
  • Document Workflow Support
  • AMTOSS Key Management Support
  • Audit Trails & Reporting
  • Fully Customizable Library System
  • Dashboard Command Center
  • Microsoft® Project & Excel Integration


Robust Content Creation & Editing for ATA Projects

AuthorPro is an ATA iSpec 2200 compliant solution for editing, managing and publishing documents. The standards-based, scalable PDF publishing capabilities are embedded in the editor to work in concert with ATApublisher and have no third-party dependencies or license requirements. AuthorPro enables authors to concentrate on technical content development instead of the final formatted and published outputs.

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Key Features

  • Modularization of Content
  • Full Integration with Management Workflows
  • Creation of AMMs, CMMs, & SBs
  • Automated Project Configuration of Function Codes & Effectivity
  • AMTOSS Management
  • Integrated Cross Referencing/Linking
  • Automatic Graphics Insertion
  • Business Rules Checking
  • Key Copy & Paste Support


Standards-Based, Scalable PDF Publisher for ATA Documents

Publisher easily and efficiently publishes ATA iSpec 2200 documents – including Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs), Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs) and Service Bulletins (SBs) – and transforms them into common print output formats. The standards-based, scalable PDF publishing capabilities of Publisher are fully integrated and work in concert with the ATAauthorPro™ host application, as an add-on software module. There are no other third-party licenses or proprietary formatting languages required.

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Key Features

  • ATA Documentation Creation
  • Preview or Full Publication Publishing
  • Out-of-the-Box Stylesheets
  • Master Stylesheet Creation
  • Publication-Specific Customization
  • Built-in CGM Support
  • Automatic Preliminary Content Generation
  • Page Block Style Pagination
  • Figure Table Numbering
  • Reference Management
  • Effective Page Management

ATAauthorPro™ XE

Browser-Based, WYSIWYG Editor for ATA Projects

The 100% browser-based, WYSIWYG editor considerably lowers the total cost of ownership, while providing authoring that conforms to ATA iSpec 2200 requirements. The software provides a sophisticated and intuitive environment; enabling authors to concentrate on technical content development, instead of the final formatted and published outputs.

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Key Features

  • Easy, Low Cost Deployment
  • Work Remotely with Web Access
  • 100% Browser-Based Authoring & Editing
  • Author Compliant Documents with WYSIWYG Editing
  • Modularization of Content
  • Automated AMTOSS Authoring & Management
  • Key Copy & Paste Support
  • Hotspot Integration
  • Integrated Cross Referencing/Linking
  • Project & Language Configurations
  • Print Preview