ATAauthorPro XE

Browser-Based, WYSIWYG Editor for ATA Projects

A comprehensive authoring solution, ATAauthorPro™ XE provides unparalleled ease of use. The content creation software provides authors with a sophisticated and intuitive environment to quickly and simply create and edit content; facilitating 100% browser-based authoring that conforms to ATA Specification requirements for commercial aircraft. The WYSIWYG technology enables a broader pool of ATA authors, many of whom previously may have been excluded, due to the complexity of the Specification. AuthorPro XE ultimately enables authors to concentrate on technical content development, instead of the final formatted and published outputs.

ATAauthorPro XE interfaceThe easy-to-use interface enables authors to focus on creating ATA content ensuring
single or multiple ATA projects are delivered, and up and running, as quickly as possible

Significantly Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

AuthorPro XE decreases the barriers of implementation through its ease of use and lower operating costs. It is simpler to use than a traditional XML editor, yet gives complete control to the author. No additional editing or third party tools are necessary. All the functionality needed to be a successful ATA author is included in one comprehensive software solution. With AuthorPro XE, authors can begin editing without the expense and delay of installing costly, proprietary software on the individual client. This allows new authors, at diverse sites, to quickly come up to speed and work on new projects without the need to deploy software on remote machines.

ATAauthorPro XE Benefits

  • Avoid timely, costly software installations & maintenance fees
  • Work remotely with Web access
  • Quickly & easily create ATA content
  • Concentrate on content, rather than presentation, with WYSIWYG editing
  • Reduce delivery times, improve turnaround

The Power of Integration

As an integrated solution, the authoring platform may be embedded in the management system, providing a single point for data access. AuthorPro XE is an online editor that works in conjunction with ATAmanager™ on multiple levels. Integration provides visibility and access to data stored in the central repository for the benefit of authors and project managers. The unique Aircraft Maintenance and Task Oriented Support System (AMTOSS) numbers can be managed and inserted while authoring; ensuring valid anchor key values and references.

AuthorPro XE and Manager are software modules comprising the Inmedius ATA Publishing Suite™, a fully integrated solution set supporting the ATA documentation lifecycle. The Suite supports and integrates the key functions of managing, authoring, viewing and publishing ATA data, while providing precise control over documentation delivery; including support for PDF files and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) with ATAinteract™. Easy to implement, maintain and use, the Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software set facilitates single or multiple ATA projects. Only with an integrated solution can rules established by project managers be so effectively and automatically carried out from start-up through authoring to final delivery.

Browser-Based Viewing Solution

No Client Installation, Updates

Once AuthorPro XE is installed on the server; there is no additional IT support, software installation or set-up required on the local machine. Centrally managed updates to AuthorPro XE are fast and easy, requiring no additional effort by the end user.

Browser-based access for clientsEasily embed the online ATA editor on a web server, without the need to deploy software on remote machines

Author ATA Documents

ATAmanager Integration

Authors quickly access projects to locate and open assigned documents, allowing an integrated workflow with the data repository. Synchronize workstations with the latest project settings and ATA Chapters, to ensure each author has the most current information available when they need it. A system administrator creates the document in Manager and assigns it to a specific author. Authors can open the document immediately and begin entering data in a WYSIWYG interface; similar to a word processor.

Document Creation Supports Specification

Compose documents that comply with ATA requirements and updates. Since AuthorPro XE ensures that project rules are enforced, authors are free to concentrate on creating quality technical content and do not have to be burdened with project documentation rules.

Author Documents with WYSIWYG Editor

Write, manage and retrieve compliant ATA documents, in your choice of WYSIWYG, Tag, or Text authoring modes.

WYSIWYG interfaceGenerate and deliver ATA-compliant documents with speed and accuracy

ATA Tools

Create ATA content that conforms to the Specification.

ATA tools ensure conformityEasily create ATA content utilizing integrated tools to assist key generation, link management and graphic references

Automated AMTOSS Authoring & Management

The system provides AMTOSS number management to facilitate authoring. Key references and IDs can be automatically generated to ensure document consistency.

Integrated Cross Referencing & Management

View all cross references from a centralized location. An easy-to-use selection box provides the ability to create a cross reference with a single click. The burden of performing lengthy steps associated with authoring a reference is removed. Authors are able to concentrate on critical content development.

Graphics & Hotspot Integration

Easily identify hotspots that the author needs to link to extract hotspot information. In addition, XE notifies the author if a previously authored link to a hotspot has changed within an illustration.

ATA Specification Support

The complete set of functionality within AuthorPro XE supports the ATA Specification.


AuthorPro XE installs into Manager.

Client Requirements


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows (XP, 7)
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0
  • Plug-in: PTC® Arbortext® IsoView™ 7.2 for Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGM) support


  • CPU: 2 GHz (dual core processor); 64-bit system recommended
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Disk Space: 100 MB
  • Display: 1024x768 minimum, 1280x1024 recommended