Comprehensive ATA Project Setup & Management

ATAmanager™ provides a process-oriented environment for controlling the development of technical data utilizing ATA documentation concepts for commercial aircraft. It simplifies the complex task of bursting large documents into manageable chunks and maintaining configuration control over the pieces. It also streamlines data creation, project management and data delivery. The server-based publishing system is accessed through a supported web browser and is easy-to-use; integrating authoring through publishing.

Manager simplifies the complex task of implementing the ATA document concepts and provides robust capabilities essential to project management. It extends the functionality of a Content Management System (CMS) to the software's ATA project setup and management support capabilities. In an integrated environment, Manager facilitates Aircraft Maintenance and Task Oriented Support System (AMTOSS) numbering, bursting of content for document granularity, PDF print output, and customization of the entire process in a web-based repository. Users define ATA document types, assign authorship, manage project configurations and security, and promote the reuse of information from one central location.

ATAmanager Library

Extensive features provide a framework for controlling the creation of technical data utilizing ATA Specification publishing concepts, making it easy to specify AMTOSS numbering, ATA document types and security settings, in addition to managing workflow and project status.

Integrated Legacy Document Support in Single Repository

Manager works together with Inmedius Horizon® to provide customizable ATA document support. By adding the document type functionality of CMS in an integrated environment, ATA documents and legacy data are managed in a single web-based repository interface. Going beyond the traditional XML content management systems, Horizon is a business-driven solution that delivers the tools and information needed to comprehensively manage a technical documentation operation. With Horizon, managers have complete, centralized control, ensuring that everything happening within the system is part of a consistent and predefined process.

ATAmanager Benefits

  • Easily create ATA projects
  • Manage & control projects for globally separated teams
  • Provide insight on project & document development
  • Promote the reuse of information
  • Access data in a structured manner
  • Use workflow technology to ensure business rules & standards
  • Monitor efficiency in the process

The Power of Integration

As an integrated solution, Manager works in conjunction with ATAinteract™ and ATAauthorPro™ XE. This tight integration greatly increases the likelihood that problems will be reported and addressed by the appropriate author; resulting in the highest quality technical manuals.

Manager is a software module comprising the Inmedius ATA Publishing Suite™, a fully integrated solution set supporting the ATA documentation lifecycle. The Suite supports and integrates the key functions of managing and authoring with AuthorPro XE, the online editor. With Interact, ATA data can be viewed and published while providing precise control over documentation delivery; including support for PDF files and IETMs. Easy to implement, maintain and use, the Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software set facilitates single or multiple ATA projects.

Only with an integrated solution can rules established by project managers be so effectively and automatically carried out from start-up through authoring to final delivery.

Browser-Based Viewer Solution

Library Storage, View of ATA Data

A powerful Library system allows users to access and view information in a structured manner. Through the Library, multiple projects are managed. Users navigate information as they would in a CMS. The Library is arranged in ATA Chapter structure, and organized by each Model Identifier within the project. The Database is structured by ATA chapters.

ATA Managed Projects

Projects can be organized by ATA Chapters, with controlled AMTOSS configurations and naming conventions. Access to application functions are available as easy-to-use buttons attached to the project. Project information is managed from within the document Library; enabling users to initiate new projects, create ATA documents and create and manage illustrations.

User Controlled Project Access & Privileges

Manage and control projects for globally separated teams. Multiple users – with the appropriate security privileges – have access to the form and can edit project information. Users are assignable to a project, indicating that they have access to data within that project. Projects are not viewable without access privileges.

Workflow Capabilities

Sophisticated workflow technology ensures that all authoring and content revisions are approved in accordance with your organization's accepted business standards:

  • Version Control – Promote a secure environment where project groups have the most current up-to-date information available at all times.
  • Commenting Capabilities – Two comment methods are supported; the formal ATA system and internal request for comments. Comments can be added to the document and viewed by multiple users

ATA Project Management

Control the development of data utilizing ATA publishing concepts with an extensive framework of robust management features.

ATAmanager Library - Project TabA powerful Library system allows users to access and view information in a structured manner

ATA Document Support

Maintain the integrity of all technical content in a web-based repository.

Easy ATA document creationEasily create, store and retrieve documents for one or more projects simultaneously

ATA Document Editing & Management Capability

Manager, in conjunction with AuthorPro XE supports the ATA Specification editing and management requirements. Management functions are provided for all ATA objects, including the ATA document types below:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
  • Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
  • Illustrated Parts List (IPL)
  • Service Bulletin (SB)

Modularization of ATA documents is also supported.

Audit Trails

Ensure the ATA requirements, as well as organization standards, are enforced through the product lifecycle.

Inmedius Dashboard provides visual audit trailThe centralized Inmedius Dashboard provides quantitative metrics and a visual representation
of the technical document process to monitor organization efficiencies

Monitor Organizational Efficiency

The centralized Inmedius Dashboard provides complete transparency and a visual representation of the ATA technical documentation process. Quantitative metrics allow the publication manager to monitor organizational efficiency and identify choke points in the process. Managers are able to identify problem points and adjust resources, as necessary, to ensure project deliveries are on time and within budget.

Time-Stamped Audit Trails

Any changes made to an ATA document is documented with a detailed, time-stamped audit trail; creating awareness and assigning responsibility. The system tracks when an ATA project has been created, and to whom it was assigned for a particular role as it moves through a process. Who edits a project, when it was edited, and what changes were made is also tracked, as well as when a document is transferred to another process and when it is archived. This creates awareness and responsibility by providing details for all documents that have been edited or altered.

Document Navigation

The viewer provides multiple methods of navigation through the document. Users can navigate a Table of Contents, Aircraft Maintenance and Task Oriented Support System (AMTOSS) numbers, and next or back; in content linearly or through navigation history.

ATA Specification Support

The complete set of functionality within Manager supports the ATA Specification.

The following configuration is a recommended standard configuration. It assumes only Inmedius product installed on the server, and that the database is installed properly on a separate, adequate server. If other Inmedius products and/or the database are installed on the same machine, additional hardware may be required.

Server Requirements


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows (Server 2003, 2008, XP Professional, 7), Linux® (SuSE™ Enterprise 10, Open SuSE 11, Ubuntu 6.06, Red Hat® Enterprise 4, Fedora™ Core 7); 64-bit system recommended
  • DB: Oracle® 11g or MySQL™ 5.5 (must be installed before product installation


  • CPU: 2 GHz (quad core processor); 64-bit system recommended
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Disk Space: 1 GB, plus additional space for content to be managed within the database

Client Requirements


  • OS: Windows (XP, 7)
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0
  • Plug-in: PTC® Arbortext® IsoView™ 7.2 for Computer Graphics Metafiles (CGM) support


  • CPU: 2 GHz (dual core processor); 64-bit system recommended
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Disk Space: 100 MB
  • Display: 1024x768 minimum, 1280x1024 recommended