Standards-Based, Scalable PDF Publisher for ATA Source Data

ATApublisher™ easily and efficiently publishes ATA iSpec 2200 documents – including Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs), Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs) and Service Bulletins (SBs) – and transforms them into common print output formats. The standards-based, scalable PDF publishing capabilities of Publisher are fully integrated and work in concert with the Inmedius ATAauthorPro™ host application, as an add-on software module. There are no other third-party licenses or proprietary formatting languages required.


Optimized for loose-leaf publishing, the software uses Web-based standards such as XHTML, Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to enable print to PDF format and simplifies the implementation of advanced document layouts. Available at both the module or publication level, Publisher has proven support for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM); including Airbus and Boeing.

Built-in Computer Graphics Meta (CGM) file support generates clear, scalable vector imagery without the need for an additional software component or plugin. Publisher also supports customizations, linked to individual projects, through the use of Web standards-based technology, free of proprietary stylesheet language. Along with a comprehensive library of core stylesheets, the system supports secondary or override templates, simplifying document creation and maintenance while enhancing productivity.

ATApublisher Benefits

  • Quickly create ATA iSpec 2200 documentation
  • Easily modify or customize documents
  • Enhance PDF navigation
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce paper & printing expenses
  • Proven support for OEM data, including Boeing and Airbus

The Power of Integration

The standards-based, scalable PDF publishing capabilities of the Publisher module work in concert with the AuthorPro host application. As an integrated solution, the authoring and publishing platform may then be embedded in the management system, ATAmanager™, providing a single point for data access. AuthorPro is a comprehensive ATA document editing software tool that works in conjunction with Manager on multiple levels. Integration provides visibility and access to data stored in the central repository for the benefit of authors and project managers. The unique Aircraft Maintenance and Task Oriented Support System (TOSS) numbers can be managed and inserted while authoring, ensuring valid anchor key values and references.

Publisher, AuthorPro and Manager are individual modules comprising the Inmedius ATA Publishing Suite™, a comprehensive solution set supporting the ATA documentation lifecycle. The Suite integrates the key functions of managing, authoring, viewing and publishing ATA data, while providing precise control over documentation delivery, including support for PDF files and Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP) with ATAinteract™. Easy to implement, maintain and use, the Suite facilitates single or multiple ATA projects. Only with an integrated solution may rules established by project managers be so effectively and automatically carried out from start-up through authoring to final delivery.

The capabilities of the Publisher module work in concert with the AuthorPro host application.

Publishing Options

There are two publish options – preview, for the review of individual page blocks and IPL sections; or, full publication, for fully-resolved AMM, CMM and SB publications with all preliminary matter and indexes automatically generated.

Out-of-the-Box Stylesheets

Produce ATA documentation from the very start. The included core stylesheets provide a common ATA look and feel. This allows users to immediately create documents from existing ATA source data.


Master Stylesheet Creation & Publication-Specific Customization

ATA Publisher has no third-party license dependencies. No proprietary formatting languages are used; customisation can be easily managed using XSLT, XPath and CSS. In addition to stylesheet customization, individual publications can be further parameterized using the ATAauthorPro meta data system: this allows formatting options, controlled by the styling customisations, to be set at SB, CMM and AMM level.


Built-in CGM Support

Built-in CGM support produces scalable, sharp vector graphics without the need for additional plugins.

Automatic Generation of Preliminary & Index Matter

Includes List of Effective Pages (LOEP), Table of Contents (TOC), List of Illustrations (LOI), List of Tables (LOT), change highlights, and IPC alpha/numeric indexes. Using standards-based techniques, templates for the automatic generation for preliminaries can be extended to meet output requirements, and refined for individual publications.


Page Block Style Pagination & Figure/Table Numbering

ATA Publisher fully meets the AMM requirements to apply page-block specific page, table and figure numbering.

Reference Management

Converts internal and graphic references as PDF links and automatically names and numbers chapters, sections and sub-sections based on the source files – providing an interactive PDF file to the end user. Other reference elements (tables, figures, etc.) are retained as internal links and provides hyperlinked indexes and front matter.

Effective Page Management

Using the Publication Module, the system stores a list of Data Modules that reflect this hierarchy as chapters, sections and subsections to track pages that have changed between publishes. Publisher allows control of List of Effective Pages (LOEP) and change bars.

The following configuration is a recommended standard configuration.

Client Requirements



  • CPU: 2 GHz (dual core processor)
  • RAM: 4 GB; 8-32 GB recommended (depends on publishing requirements)
  • Disk Space: 65 MB (for installation), 100 MB (approximate for user files)
  • Display: 1024x768 minimum, 1280x1024 recommended