About Us

Inmedius software includes innovative, performance-oriented applications that capture, create, manage and deploy technical information assets. Integrating those assets within business processes, using proven and innovative technical techniques is an Inmedius hallmark.

Easy to implement, maintain and use, fully integrated Inmedius software solutions make every facet of a project possible. Providing S1000D and ATA lifecycle solutions for publishing, aerospace, defense, government, and manufacturing organizations worldwide, Inmedius enables clients to share an unprecedented level of productivity and efficiency.

Providing a new class of technical information software and professional services that drive operational performance, these integrated offerings capture and reuse data across the lifecycle of products, services and documents. Inmedius applications address the challenge of capturing creating, managing and deploying technical information within unique environments, allowing for complex operational workflows and deployments, while complying with documentation specifications.

The Inmedius® software portfolio is offered by CDG, a Boeing Company.